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What is REALITY?

In philosophy, reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined…

Is reality a concept that is created by society? If so then who in society and at what point in time have they determined reality? Seeing as we are ever evolving surely this means they are ever evolving the concept of reality that we live by?

What if it were true that each member of the human race created their own reality and that each person is responsible for the reality of their lives and that no on reality is like another?

So if this is true then can there be just on reality set by society? We all hear people say things like…”the reality is” or “realistically speaking”…this would suggest to me that there is one reality out there where perhaps my thoughts and actions wouldn’t fit into..So who is it that determines this one reality?

It is true for me that I can create my own reality based on the results of my ongoing thoughts and actions which are a direct result of my ongoing thoughts and actions which are a result of my own belief systems, rules and values…so is it possible for someone to have the exact same belief systems, rules and values as myself in the exact same order? Yes it’s possible…unlikely…So is it possible for any one other person to have the exact reality as myself…unlikely! If this is true, then why do we insist on pushing our reality onto others by using statements like “the reality is” or “realistically speaking”??

Solution… 🙂

Take ownership by simply adding to the statements the word ‘my’ into the sentence…ie my reality is…

Own your own reality and allow others to own and create theirs…

You are at the end of the day – the Master of Your Own Destiny!!


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