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Are You In The Slipstream OR Are You Out In Front?

I swim squad 3 times a week, I love it, it keeps me fit, toned and tanned (shameful I know)…On my warm up this past Wednesday I got thinking, as I lead my lane out into a 600meter freestyle warm up – yep warm up…I struggled to stay out in front, so after 300meters I stopped and let the next swimmer take the lead..If you swim you would know that when you swim behind someone you can see their bubbles or as I call it their slipstream, the bigger the slipstream IE The more bubbles then the closer you are, and closer you are to being kicked in the head… 🙂 Thing is I had to make myself slow down to keep my distance and to avoid a good head kicking, yet when I was in the lead, struggled to stay on in front – why is this so?

I realised that for me, the person in front was leading the way and was my goal post, I worked hard to keep up, my competitive nature kicked in and thus I did kept up quite effortlessly in his slipstream…being out in front meant having to pave and lead the way for others and swim without a goal post (for me this is true)…so that said, not everyone is a leader, nor do I believe everyone is capable of being a leader, what is important is that no matter whether you are out in front paving the way or close behind in the slipstream, what is important is that the movement you are taking is always in a forward motion.

My disclaimer; leading by example is different, you don’t need to be a leader to walk your talk, be in your integrity and play full out!

Kara 🙂


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