I have a BIG Girl Mindset – That Sh$t MUST Change….

A stunning blog post I had to share and I will quickly share with you why. Currently I am having my own personal struggle with putting back on some kilos and really not changing anything – there’s a lot to be said for mindset. I am a big believer that altering our body starts with what goes on in your head – how you feel about yourself and your self worth.

I have also realised that I have never honoured myself where I am at, currently I don’t fit into the jeans I wore just 6 months ago yet 6 months ago I considered myself a ‘big girl’ (WTF) as I have always generally seen myself even at 48 kilos, 57 kilos and 61 kilos (none of which are BIG for my body type). Always looking to others and how they look to better myself as opposed to really standing tall in my own skin and loving where I am at. I know I fill myself on nutritious foods, I don’t consume a great deal of alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t take any drugs or any variety…be it medicinal or the illegal stuff.

YET I have never been good enough (in my eyes). My big lesson is to know when you are ‘good’ with where you are at and build on that instead of always wanting to be different. I had it in the bag last year and couldn’t see it – I see it now. And so my journey begins – regain my mental strength and lead with gratitude.

That brings me too this article http://globalhobo.com.au/2015/05/17/skin-deep/ Read it, read it again and then tell someone about it…I resonate with it as the writer and I share some truths…

I commit to working on my mindset approach to my body image and love the skin I am in.

Love the skin you are in, exercise foe joy, eat nutritiously (most of the time) — most of all — love your freaking life!!

Kara xx

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