It’s all about PERSPECTIVE…

Just a few weeks ago introduced to an opportunity that was amazing, it had taken me some to time to really see it though i eventually did…so three weeks ago, I made a decision to go for it…this past week, I have really felt alive…passionate, enthusiastic, energetic and really ON purpose. I saw this as a leg of our table that could leverage our family. Yesterday the game changed and there is alot of speculation, talk, negativity – lets face it those energy vampires will do anything to suck you of energy, and how well they do it with the power of the internet. I fortunately have not allowed myself to engage in any of it and no matter what happens with that leg of our table…we will create another to replace it. What it did provide me was an anchoring and a reminder on how it really feels to be on purpose, be enthusiastic and passionate – it was so easy to feel this…so as much as I really wanted that leg of our table to support us, what it has provided me was an opportunity to experience the feelings on how we MUST BE in every moment with everything we do…That is my perspective!!

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A great site

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