Spilling my guts…who am I really…

Sitting in a cafe this morning and about to head over to the office I was engulfed with the need to write a note based on a little self reflection…as you do when you spend an hour alone uniterrupted!

This is who I am…I am loving, supportive, authentic and energetic. My family is my rock and my partner is my inspiration.

Everything I do is for these people which fulfills all my needs as love is my highest value and of course family being the means to experience this. Contribution and truth come a close second. With everything I do, I ask myself how am I serving the ones I love by doing this or taking this action….if my answer is uncertain or not clear then I will make the adjustments I need to until I become clear and certain with my decision.

I love my life and will give my everything to the ones I love. For my partner in my life, to you I am loving, you have my support, friendship and honour, in return I ask you simply to love me as I am and to honour my need for certainty and security. I am a woman first and foremost (hence my need for certainty and security), I am his lover, partner for life, confidant and best friend. I am a dedicated mother and our children will always have a loving warm home with us, no matter their age and circumstance.

And lastly, I am a friend to many wonderful people whom I love to be part of their journey in reaching their highest potential….

I am not a business woman, I am a woman who wants the best for everyone, I have a wilingness to serve and to help others learn how to create and have a life as I have, even through my own adversity and challenges…if I can, you can too!

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A great WordPress.com site

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