Are you goals and values in line with eachother?

How true is this statement for you…”Work is an expression of ones VALUES: struggling is an expression on ones UNMET NEEDS..!” Is it possible for you to apply this statement to your current relationship/s and or martial status (be it single, committed, casual etc)? ie Is your current relationship status an extension and expression of your core values; struggling with your marital status could be an expression of your unmet needs”…

So what are values anyway?

When I talk about values I refer to life values, those things that are most important to you in life. These values have two types, ends and means! For example if you value love, then love would be an end value (the emotional state you desire), family is merely a means of experiencing love. Same could be said of money, money is merely a means to an end value such as freedom, opportunity, contribution or whatever it is that money really means and gives you.

So, if you are setting goals without really knowing what your values are, what you tuly value in life, you may find yourself acheiving the goal and thinking “Is this all there is”..Persuing a goal without your knowing of your values may see you missing your lifes true desire…Maybe you value contribution and caring, you notice someone demonastrating these values as a lawyer, decide to do this yourself then along the way be promoted to partner as you may possibly aspire to succeed in this field and now spend your time in meetings rather than contributing and caring…so you acheive your goal (to become partner) and yet miss out on your lifes desire (to continue to contribute and care)…you must know and understand the difference between an end value and a means value.

So speaking of relationships, what is your end value and the means value to experience this end value?…If it is love, then what has to happen in order for you to experience love (these are your means…)!

If you would like me to elaborate please contact me through facebook – and/or leave a comment.

Thank you in advance…KaraWhat is it you value?

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