To Tri or not to Tri…?

A few months ago I registered in the spur of the moment to enter a triathalon on the Gold Coast, as it happens it is this coming weekend.  A few years ago I did triathalons over a season and loved it, I was quite fit and shared this training and experience with a few close girlfriends – great memories and times.  So what’s my point….good question!

I am now at a crossroads, why on earth did I enter the triathalon and for what purpose? Was I being in alignment with my true purpose and self, was I being genuine, authentic and sincere to myself….I feel not!  A friend asked me today if I had time to spend alone doing something would I choose to be on the Gold Coast alone doing a triathalon? … Tearfully I said, of course I wouldn’t…I would be with the people I love, my family and my friends! So why then did I enter..? Bloody good question. Maybe I thought I had to prove something to myself, my friends and my loved ones that I can be out there doing something, looking for validation maybe, perhaps trying to impress someone … thing is, as it is not aligned with who I am, my energy is not excited about this event and thus nothing has aligned for it to be easy for me.

When we have wins in life, it is awesome to be able to share the wins, be it in this situation to win gold or to even just simply finish a race…soooooooooooo for example; a friend of mine is starting up her own skin care company, her energy is full of passion for this business and because she exudes this I personally will help her acheive her goals, just as I am prepared to do with my partner and would do for any one in my life that is passionate about something, I will do what I can to help them reach their highest potential – as you would!

This being said, I am not being passionate and thus there is going to be noone at the finish line (nothing has aligned to pave that path) – so who do I share my win with??? My point being, when you ar being passionate, people will help you acheive your goals and dreams…when you are not being passionate and not aligned with what you are doing, you will do what you can sub consciously to sabbotage it, your being wants to be on purpose ALL the time.

So, I will not be participating on Sunday in the triathalon, when I can be passionate about them, that is when I will race.  Until then I will focus on what it is I am truly passionate about…Coaching and Mentoring on ‘Who am I being?’ and ‘Relationships’ – Genuinely, Sincerely and Authentically Yours….Kara 🙂

Be on purpose

  1. #1 by Simon Haggard on April 29, 2011 - 1:48 pm

    Oh Babe….
    Just read your story and wanted to say I LOVE YOU for your awareness and lessons you provide others!

    Great Post and from the HEART….xx

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