Do you still have music inside of you?

It seems that people go about their days wishing they could do something they love, instead they work in a job that bores them and simply pays the bills.   Unfortunately people may not know what it is that troubles them other than disliking what ‘they do’. Contribution is a basic human need and if this is not being met , and often its not when you are not doing what is true to you.

Complete and permanent fulfillment comes when your contribution is in alignment with your purpose. If you had all the money and free time in the world, what is the one thing you would dedicate yourself to doing? That is your Life’s Purpose.

Imagine yourself living your ideal day…be creative, what does it look like? Are you doing what you love to do, most likely YES. When you picture your ideal day, how does it feel?  Are you being passionate everyday? If not, what’s stopping you from being passionate? When you are being passionate and moving towards your ideal day and living your dreams, you will experience a great sense of contribution…

So…do you want to die with your music in you or would you rather let it out???

Start today…by being true to yourself, do what it is you love! Live from the heart…

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A great site

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